The following website evaluates the role of Implant-Acupuncture in the field of chronic diseases.

In contrast to conventional acupuncture, Implant-Acupuncture ensures a permanent stimulation on the acupuncture points. This enables the body to harmonize malfunctions continuously and enhances the bodies self-healing potential in a way, which exaggerate the positive effects of conventional acupuncture enormously.

Therefore, chronic illnesses which are difficult to treat, such Parkinson´s Disease, Restless-Legs-Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer´s Disease, Depression, Chronic Pain Conditions and others can be treated more successfully, than before.

TV comment describing the RLS treatment by Dr. Wlasak

Research into the benefits of Implant-Acupuncture has a long tradition in China. This method has been used successfully for several centuries. In the past, resolvable catgut filaments were implanted into the skin of the external ear in order to trigger a permanent curing effect.

German doctors and scientists have further developed this method within the last years. As result, titanium needles and bio-resolvable needles are now used for implantation. Due to clinical studies, this method is of increasing importance in Germany and offers an alternative to conventional therapies.

Dr. Wlasak, a pioneer of Implant-Acupuncture, has initiated several studies in Germany to explore this new method.

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